Why Loney Miller?

Published: 15/01/2021 By Maddie Miller

I can’t help wondering why more people don’t go into business with their rivals??

Jonathan and I were in competition with each other for 6 years, JL working for John D Wood and me at Douglas and Gordon, but over that period, we developed a mutual respect for one another and would even recommend each other to clients that needed a fresh approach. We also worked together on a few occasions where a joint agent was needed.

The combination of two different approaches and experiences gained from different companies has helped us create Loney Miller: a company that we are incredibly proud of.

We know from speaking to the lovely Southfields’ locals that there is no desire for another estate agent to open on their high street, so we decided to leave the shop fronts to the cafes and restaurants.  However, we do want to be part of the community and on hand for our customers, so we have an office in the heart of the village.  

Loney Miller is the only truly independent estate agency in Southfields.  We offer a “hybrid” service, which means that you can choose the package that best suits you, your lifestyle and your budget.  Choose between our stripped back, “online-only” service, our popular standard service and our personalised “concierge” service.

Having both worked in the industry and the area for a long time, we understand the local market and what buyers want.  We also understand that the success of our brand will be based on our reputation through customer satisfaction and recommendation and this is why we will never compromise on service.

Why not give us a go to find out what we are really about?