What makes us click? The importance of a good photo.

Published: 13/04/2021 By Lucy Wolstenholme

Today we live in a digital age. Long gone are the days of going into your local estate agency and picking up a printed property brochure containing one or two photographs. Images have become our first port of call. If we can't SEE a photo, we quickly pass that product/property/person by and move on to the next available image.

Technology has enabled us to do more and subsequently our lives are busier than ever. Our attention spans are shorter and we are bombarded with imagery all day so what makes us click is the ability to instantly stand out and grab that precious thing - OUR ATTENTION. The quality of the photo leads to the POWER OF THE CLICK.

Our brains can interpret images much more quickly than they can text. Images give instant context to a description. If it is a good photo, it will tempt you into viewing further. As the saying goes 'a picture is worth a thousand words'.

As a market leader we want to be instantly recognisable visually. It is an extremely competitive market so STANDING OUT FROM THE CROWD is a must. The images we use need to be memorable and reflect our own individual Loney Miller style. We want people to get a feel for our brand. It's not about simply pointing a camera and pressing a button. It is about communicating a lifestyle and engaging with the prospective buyer's expectations.

A few high quality images make so much more of an impact than a large number of mediocre ones. LESS IS DEFINITELY MORE otherwise it ultimately leaves nothing to come and view. It is about piquing a prospective buyer's interest and enticing them, making them want to see more. How would it feel to live there? Where can you imagine your furniture going? We aren't just showcasing a house we are conveying a LIFESTYLE.


We accompany the photography shoot and we use the same professional photographer so we have been able to build up an excellent working relationship. Our photographer knows what we are aiming for and we know that will be translated in to the photograph. It is the first time that prospective buyers will 'see' the property. Working with a professional photographer means, for example, the correct lighting and camera angles will be used and we work together to assess the positioning of furniture when framing up the shots for each room. One of our team then dresses the room to reflect the Loney Miller brand and show the property at its best. This could be anything from decluttering to repositioning furniture and rearranging soft furnishings. We want it to be aspirational, 'I want to live here' rooted in the reality of 'I could live here'.

We want our photos to highlight the selling points of a property. This could be the amount of storage, a feature fireplace, sizeable windows letting in plenty of natural light, ample entertaining space, an on-trend kitchen along with inspirational decor.

The advice we give to our vendors would be to declutter as much as possible and remove excess furniture. Vendors position furniture in their homes to be functional and fit into their day-to-day routines. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can see a tweak to the angle of a coffee table, the repositioning of an armchair or the removal of a rug can vastly improve the look of a room and show the space off better.

We want our potential buyers to be able to see how they can put their own stamp on the property, so presenting a bit more of a blank canvas is beneficial. It's also a great opportunity for vendors to sort through that ever-growing pile of correspondence, overflowing drawers or the multiple bottles of shampoo in the bathroom. We would highly recommend crates for the children's toys so they can be easily moved for the photoshoot and tidied up for viewings. Freeing up work surfaces, tables and floorspace make a property appear more spacious. If the property is clean with freshly made beds, blown lightbulbs replaced and cushions plumped, it makes it appear inviting as well as showing the property has been well cared for by its current owners. It's about showing the potential lifestyle it offers.

We also advise a fresh coat of paint on any wall that looks a little tired. It is amazing what a difference that can make for a relatively low cost. We also recommend buying a vase of fresh flowers for the shoot because it can add a lovely splash of colour to a kitchen or living room which can really make a photograph pop.

We check the weather conditions to ensure a nice day for the shoot. The external shots of your property are just as important so we ask that paths, decking and patios are clear of any leaves or debris and that the grass is cut and bushes and shrubs aren't out of control. We always keep bins out of shot. We would come back to a property on a different day to shoot the external shots if, for example, there was a van or lorry parked outside or if it was pouring with rain.

We pride ourselves on the way we market your property which is why we invest a lot of time and effort into our photoshoots. The way a property is presented will greatly influence the sale or rental price eventually achieved. Our aim is to show a property off to it's maximum potential and here at Loney Miller we will always try to go above and beyond to ensure we achieve this.