5 Top tips to sell your house for the best possible price

Published: 30/01/2021 By Maddie Miller

It really helps to invest some time (and possibly a bit of money) in your property to appeal to as wide an audience as possible and push for the best possible price.  Here are my top tips for getting ready:

  1. Go for the finishing touches.  Buyers no longer want a “blank canvas”.  Unless you are selling an unmodernised property, it is well worth going that extra mile to provide buyers with an insight into how they will live in your house. Look at your soft furnishings and “dress” the space.  Buy a few cushions and throws, put pictures on the walls and get some fresh flowers.
  2. De-clutter!  I know it’s a cliché, but nobody will look past your clutter (even if they say they will).  This is the first impression that you only get one chance to make.  If you have nowhere to put it, hire a storage unit.  If you don’t want to do that, pile everything in your car and drive it round the block for viewings!
  3. Take a long hard look at your furniture.  Does it really work in the room or is it just there because you own it and it still does the job.  An enormous sofa that is the wrong shape will completely take over and buyers will think your sitting room is small.
  4. Redecorate.  Unless you undertook a full project, most people have one room in their house that hasn’t been touched since they bought.  If there is a hint of magnolia, paint it grey (or off-white) and if there is a “statement” block colour wall, or room, neutralise it.  Buyers will never admit that they are influenced by this but trust me, they are.
  5. Choose a decent agent to sell your house.  I know that I am an estate agent, so I am bound to say this, but please be aware that the current market conditions dictate that skill and experience is required to sell a property.  A good agent will understand their buyers as well as their clients (sellers) and will know how to sell to them in the right way (no “one size fits all” anymore).
If you are unsure about any of the advice above, or don't know how to put this into practice, please give me a call and I will happily pop over and help you work it out.